Lift up your hands
If you can speak in tongues, just begin to minister to Him
No place, Lord
*Speaking in tongues*
No place like Your presence
I just wanna tell You, “I love You”
Just tell Him how much You love Him
Father, I love You
*Speaking in tongues*

Your presence is comforting, is healing to my soul
Your embrace, Your embrace, Your embrace calms my heart
Your presence is power, is peace of mind
Peace of mind from the troubled world
Your joy, Your joy fills my heart, Lord
There’s no place, no place, Lord

Where peace is guaranteed, where help is guaranteed
No place like Your presence
We worship You
Lift up Your hands and Worship Him
Lord, no place, no place, no place, no place
I’ve got peace of mind in Your presence
I’ve got joy in Your presence
All I ever need is in Your presence
Miracles abound in Your presence
There’s no place, *speaking in tongues*, like Your presence
Nobody, nowhere, nowhere like Your presence
Not money, not worldly wealth, not worldly love, not worldly fame
Oh, who can replace Your presence?
No place, *speaking in tongues*, no place
Where we find healing, where we find health
No place, no place like Your presence, Lord
In Your presence is my joy, Your presence makes me whole
There’s rejoicing in His presence
Tell Him, “Lord, no place, no place, nowhere
My secret place where I find strength
That I hear from You that Word that can take me above
Where you can tell me the secrets of wealth
Where you can tell me, ‘Go this way, go that way
Don’t go this way, don’t go that way’
Where I can hear that still small voice
No place but Your presence”
Lift up your hands, say, “Lord, no place, no other way, nobody”
Let’s celebrate His presence
There’s no place, oh, no place
We exalt You, Lord, hallelujah
No place (Lift up your hands to Him)
We must celebrate what we have
We have the Greater One inside of us!
The God that is bigger than any situation!
Haha, bigger than my trials, bigger than anything, yeah
He’s a big God, somebody say, “He’s a big God”
I have a big God, I have a big God
Hey, he’s living inside of me, hey
I have a big God (Lift up your hands, come on)
I have a great God, bigger than anything I know
Big in every situation, hey!
No place! No place! Nobody!
Father, we celebrate Your presence! We celebrate Your presence!
We celebrate Your power! We celebrate Your goodness!
We celebrate You, oh God
Yeah, oh, oh

Nobody, no place
There’s no place, like Your presence
There’s no place
Even when your friends leave you, God is there!
Even when the world forsakes you, God is there!
Lift up your hands, say, “Nobody but God!”
I could’ve been dead! I could’ve been gone!
But His love, His presence kept me alive!
Lift up your hands and rejoice in His presence
His presence makes a difference
Oh, yeah
No place, like Your presence
We’ll never take it for granted, Lord, that You live inside of us
No place, like, like Your presence
No place, like Your presence
There’s no place, like Your presence, my Lord
Oh, just worship Him, worship Him, hallelujah

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