Lil Boom – no song today just pain.

A la une

This is a deep abyss
I quit, I can’t get out of this
Will I win? I did, I did, I did it, yeah
I did, I did, I did, I did

Money call, I think I got a lot of that
Mon Loco, I get money like an idiot (Idiot)
Madi Gras, I get that check I’m spending it (Yeah, yeah)
Swerving 12, doin’ potholes
Gettin’ cheese, like not yos
Niggas hatin’, but it’s Nachos
Boolin’ out with my vatos
Pull up on the block, it say « Adios »
Disappear, like « vamos »
Kick back, let the choppa spray and that shit lookin’ like Stardust
Big ass guns, lil’ Toys-R-Us
Count that check ’cause it’s a must

I’m fallin’ into this deep abyss
Let me in, let me in
I’m fallin’ in, I’m fallin’ in, into this deep abyss
To this deep abyss, to this deep abyss

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