Billy Cobb – Lost Boys, Don’t Bivouac Here

A la une

Paint yourself in a broken portrait
Fill the lines with tears and blood
Expose all the genitals that make you hate your body
Use the skyline as your soul
Don’t expect another useless frame
Use the border as a shield from the world today
But things are not always as bad as what they seem
Paint a stroke from every exhale while you’re counting sheep
Use the facade of a picket fence to drown your sorrow
Expectations look up to a brighter future
Leave the second guess to the man in the mirror
Wishing he had everything you ever dreamed of

Don’t expect another paycheck in the mail
Don’t expect your life to go the way you want
Don’t expect your love to stay forever
Make room for the mess
You’ll go when you’re ready
You’ll go when you’re ready

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