Billy Cobb – Bobby Hipp

A la une

[Verse 1]
Got the coolest life a man could live
No threats to face, no fucks to give
And when you sink is when I swim
My glass is filled up to the brim
When I make a bet, I always win
They say James Dean looks like my twin
Every single day has a brand new spin
When you see my face, I wear a grin
I have no wants, I have no needs
Every single game, I reign supreme
Nobody has a word for me
Nothing for me is too extreme
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Explored all of the seven seas
There’s nobody I have to please
I run the show, I set the scenes

[Chorus 1]
I’m Bobby Hipp, write down the name
Never seen such a mogul in the world today
I’ll take the girl right from your dreams
I’ll love her down, make her feel clean
Got a fancy house riding limousines
On the front cover of your favorite magazine
I have no hurt, I have no needs
When I want blood, I’ll make you bleed
I’ll always know exactly what to do
I’m a living [?] with an attitude
No need to learn, I have no room
I probably don’t care to talk to you
Every place I go, I make the news
And everyone I see gives me a swoon
I have no need to be feeling blue
I’ve never bit off too much to chew

[Verse 2]
That was quite an ego trip
My brain is fried and I look like shit
Weather is down, I feel the drip
Spent several hours by the firepit
Taking longer showers, getting used to it
I smoke too much, I need to quit
I thought my life was so perfect
But every day I feel like a hypocrite
I’m a loner, I’m a bum
I miss the days when I had fun
And now it seems I’m always on the run
But when I stop, I just need more
I just find beauty in the sun
The leaves, the fall, and our fire’s warm
I feel nothing from hitting blunts
Don’t know where to go, don’t know what I want

[Chorus 2]
I’m Bobby Hipp, been feeling down
I’m the only one left in my town
No love to feel, no girls to plow
No smaller guys to push around
I’m a big dumb ribbon in a tiny house
When I’m feeling bored, no one’s around
Look in the mirror, I see a clown
And loneliness is a stranger
I call a friend, I have no luck
I begin to have a feeling they think I’m a schmuck
Don’t know what it’s like to give a fuck
I never thought it would hurt this much
When my body’s tired, it starts to suck
And I don’t know what it means to love
If I’m to blame then I’m giving up
I’ve tasted blood with an empty cup

[Guitar Solo]

[Chorus 3]
I’m Bobby Hipp, I’m giving out
I’ve got a gun up in my mouth
I’m full of drugs, no stopping now
The world is blind, my [?] were down
I live a lie, there’s only crowds
I’m not a man, I’m just a coward
An empty kingdom, I wear my crown
The rainbow wants to give me clout
And every day just feels the same
And Bobby Hipp is just a name
No legacy, no one to claim
I needed love, I wanted fame
To end my life is just my fate
It’s in my hands to fly away
And take back what I’ve always craved
No coming back, no life to save

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